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Agilent Life Sciences Now on GSA Schedule


Is your project considering any Agilent Life Sciences, or similar, products at this time?

Technical Communities and Julabo Sign Government Services Partnership


Offering government buyers greater access and savings on temperature control systems

Technical Communities and Biosero Sign Government Services Partnership


Government buyers now enjoy greater access and savings for laboratory automation solutions

Technical Communities and American Distributors of Colon and Rectal Supplies Sign Government Services Partnership


Government buyers now enjoy greater access and savings for colon-proctology solutions

Technical Communities and Radcal Corporation Sign Government Services Partnership


Offering government users greater access and savings on radiation measurement products

Technical Communities and Scientific Industries Sign Government Services Partnership


Government buyers now enjoy greater access and lower cost for laboratory equipments for vortexing and mixing

Free Gov-Only Field Trial Sweep Generator: Agilent E8257N

Agilent E8257N

The Agilent Technologies E8257N signal generator is an electronic instrument that generates repeating electronic signals.It contains an electronic oscillator, a circuit that is capable of creating a repetitive waveform. Generator, Sweep, 40 GHz.

Hamilton asmServer and asmStore Automated Storage


Hamilton Storage’s modular plate management systems are available to government users at GSA Schedule pricing at GSAMart.

Tecans M1000 may help speed drug discovery using zebrafish


The flexibility of the Infinite M1000 has enabled scientists to develop a simple and cost-effective automated screening method based on fluorescent or luminescent reporter detection in live zebrafish.

Technical Communities and RURO Sign Government Services Partnership


Offering government and military users advanced laboratory computer software that facilitates laboratory asset management and increases productivity of research laboratories.