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Developing protein-based assays for early disease detection


The technology opens the possibility of screening for several hundred biomarkers in a single assay, in a very high-throughput and quantitative fashion.

Tecans M1000 may help speed drug discovery using zebrafish


The flexibility of the Infinite M1000 has enabled scientists to develop a simple and cost-effective automated screening method based on fluorescent or luminescent reporter detection in live zebrafish.

Share your ideas and insights with the GovLab audience


Contribute to a brand new feature of the GovLab. Our active audience of contract professionals, government buyers and sales execs want to read your ideas and insights about government business and procurement on our seven different channels

IDIQs and GSA Schedules – Understanding the Contract Vehicles


With all of the talk about IDIQs and the vehicles available for Federal buyers, do you understand the terms now in use? There are IDIQs that are GWACs, MACs, EWACs and these are different from GSA Schedules. So what do these terms mean?

Taking Advantage of the New Simplified Acquisition Threshold


The increase in the SAT increases opportunities for small businesses. During FY2010, twenty federal agencies issued more than 585,000 Simplified Acquisition contract actions totaling $9,442,964,485. Are you getting your share of these?

Nuclear lab partners with weather info company


A U.S. nuclear security agency’s research lab will work with a weather tracking company to develop an emergency response system that incorporates local atmospheric information.

Military eyes glowing; Secrets of fireflies

Fireflies Military Research

Someday, the secrets of fireflies or glowing sea plankton could save an American soldier in battle, a Navy SEAL on a dive or a military pilot landing after a mission. That’s the hope behind a growing field of military-sponsored research into bioluminescence, a phenomenon that’s under the microscope in laboratories around the country.

Oracle Sued by U.S. in Case Claiming Overcharges


Oracle Corp., the world’s second- biggest software maker, was sued today by the U.S. Justice Department, which claimed the company overcharged the government on a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars.